Cuisine of Northern Macedonia

The cuisine of Northern Macedonia, as in many Balkan countries, has been shaped by various culinary traditions, including Bulgarian, Serbian, Turkish and Greek. It is famous for simple and tasty dishes made from vegetables, meat and spices. The main meat dishes are made from lamb and pork, often with the addition of kaimak, a special type of fermented milk.

In Macedonian cuisine it is recommended to try such dishes as roasted minced meat in Turkish style, puff pie with meat or cheese “burek”, beans in a pan “tavche gravche”, sausages “cevapcici”, various types of “kebab”, moussaka of eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes with meat, as well as salad of tomatoes with paprika and beans “aivar”. Ochrid trout “pastrmka”, Shopa salad and other traditional dishes are also popular, including “tarator”, “mučkalica”, “djuveč” or “güveč”, “koftinja”, “sarma”, “polneti piperki”, meat stew “selsko meso”, “kebapcinja”, “turli tava”, vegetable stew “zarzavat”, and chicken in mustard sauce or kaimak.

For desserts, “baklava”, rice pudding “sutliyash”, jams “slatko”, “burek” or “zelnik” are usually served. Popular drinks include black coffee, herbal teas, honey, various mousses and juices. Local wines are known for their high quality and affordable price, while the most popular strong drink is rakija moonshine, which comes in various types – grape, plum, pear and herbal.

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