Žilavka wine (drink)

Žilavka is a white wine grape variety predominantly grown in the Mostar region of Herzegovina, located in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This varietal wine is celebrated for its bright freshness and acidity, making it a versatile choice for various meal pairings. Often aged in oak barrels as a “barrique” vintage, Žilavka can develop a fuller body with earthy and nutty characteristics, reminiscent of the wines produced in the early 2000s and earlier.

Originally, Žilavka was a minor blending grape throughout the former Yugoslavia. Today, it has gained prominence as a standalone varietal, commonly bottled alongside Blatina, the other primary grape of Herzegovina wine production.

The production of Žilavka is concentrated in the area south of Mostar, particularly around the villages of Čitluk, Međugorje, Ljubuški, and Čapljina. Notable producers include Nuić, Škegro, Brkić, Vinarija Čitluk, Zadro, and Vitai/Gangaš.

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